Research Statement


Cardiovascular modeling, baroreflex mechanistic models, model development, ordinary differential equations, local and global sensitivity analysis, parameter estimation, optimization, mathematical applications to biology/physiology, inverse problems, dynamical systems, control theory


I currently work with Dr. Mette Olufsen in the Cardiovascular Dynamics Group. My primary focus is mathematical modeling of cardiovascular physiology and neurological control mechanisms with ordinary and delay differential equations.  In conjunction with parameter estimation and optimization, I work in an inverse problem framework to determine model parameters given noninvasively obtained blood pressure and heart rate data.

My research focuses on the development and analysis of a coupled cardiovascular and neurological model of the Valsalva Maneuver (VM) that fits heart rate and blood pressure data and predicts neurological signals for healthy control and abnormal subjects (see figure). The VM is the process of forced exhalation against a closed airway while maintaining an open glottis, thus voluntarily increasing intrathoracic pressure. The VM has a particular curve shape that, when distorted, elicits information about the efficacy of the control of the autonomic nervous system on cardiovascular flow.

My research is a part of a larger project with the goal of developing patient-specific models, particularly in the analysis of subjects who suffer various side-effects of the human papillomavirus (HPV) vaccine. I currently am in collaboration with Jesper Mehlsen at the Bispebjerg Hosptial in Copenhagen, Denmark.